MAXIMIZE was established as a leadership and sales consulting company to serve and support the success and sustainability of leaders and sales organizations.


Greg Heeres is an expert in maximizing. He knows how to engage with individuals and groups to help them progress from good to great and to reach their maximum potential. This passion to coach, consult and encourage people and organizations to be their best makes it a thrill for him to be a part of the transformational journey and assist organizations to realize their full optimization and help people to reach their destiny.


Over the past 20 years, he has enjoyed being a business leader, a business owner and a sales/marketing professional, all the while helping people to develop and organizations to grow. Honored to serve in many leadership roles throughout his life (school, sports, community, philanthropy, business, ministry), Greg is committed to be a student of leadership and a perpetual learner.


"I trust you will enjoy and be challenged by the resources I can offer you!"


Let's Grow Together!